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The scope of work includes LED lighting, solar heating, low maintenance filtration, energy saving pump, coping and waterline tiles and more.

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Manly, South Brisbane

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1 month


The owners of this Manly home wanted to utilise their backyard better so chose to get the Just Add Water team to demolish their garden bed and shed and replace it with a modern 10-metre inground pool with stone coping and surrounds. 


Once the Council paperwork was approved the Just Add Water Pools team excavated the site.

Next we added the steel fixers. Their job essentially is to create a criss-cross steel cage around the interior surface of the pool for the concrete to be sprayed to. The steel fixers mark out steps and benches at this stage. After they have finished, the team will complete the pre-plumbing of the pool.

This means making plumbing provisions that need to go through the concrete and included all the pool returns, pool suctions, solar provisions and electrics for lighting. This photo is the next step of the process where our concreters spray 175mm thick 25 MPA gun crete pool spray mix to the walls of the pool, which is then shaped to form the interior of the pool.


The result is an amazing pool that these Many owners love. This inground pool project included LED lighting, solar heating, low maintenance filtration, energy-saving pump, stone coping and stylish waterline tiles.

If you like the look of this Manly pool, please get in touch with our friendly Just Add Water Pools team.

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The Pool coping is the first row of tiles on top of the pool this is usually replaced with a stone or porcelain tiles approx 400mm in width.

waterlineWaterline Tile

Waterline tiles are several rows of tiles between the coping and pool interior, whilst not essential the addition of waterline tiles will make ongoing cleaning of the waterline much easier.


Pebble interior finishes have evolved greatly over the years and can provide some very natural water colours. The stone is 1-2mm in size and very fine grain allowing for a smooth and tough pool interior finish.


Glass bead interiors can be utilized as an alternative to pebble interiors to provide a very striking water colour. These products have a similar texture to pebble interiors and a similar service life but can provide much more intense and deeper water colours.


Our filtration packs provide an upgrade of all pool equipment including new sand or cartridge filter, new pool pump and a new salt chlorinator connected to the existing plumbing lines.


Our range of single or multi colour lights will provide another dimension to the pool once the sun sets. These are possible in most renovations however an onsite inspection is required to confirm viability of an addition of lighting.

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