Brisbane Pool Renovations: Wellington Point Redlands Qld

The client requested that a new Quartzon pool interior, water line and step indicator tiles, water feature, LED light and PH controller be installed.

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Wellington Point Redlands, Qld

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1 week


This pool was structurally sound but the client wanted a new Quartzon pool interior completed, water line and step indicator tiles, water feature, LED light and PH controller to be installed.

Quartzon is a unique, silky smooth pool finish that provides intense blues with Starfleck shimmer. Perfect for new and old concrete pool surfaces.


This progress photo is our team patching the old concrete surface ready for the Quartzon to be installed.

Many pool surfaces use dyed materials which fade after a short time. Quartzon is different. The colour of your Quartzon surface is fade resistant and uses a technologically advanced colourfast process that will remain rich and vibrant year after year.


The result was a modern pool with a Quartzon durable finish, stylish water line tile and step indicator tiles, water feature, LED lights and PH controller.

The beauty of a PH controller is that it constantly monitors the PH level in the pool. When the PH level of the pool goes up, the dosing system injects a measured amount of diluted acid into the return line to keep the PH of the pool water perfectly balanced to a pre-determined PH level that is programmed into the unit.

Quartzon is easy to maintain makes it a popular choice for hotels, resorts, retirement villages, schools, public swimming pools, schools and water parks. Quartzon is more cost-effective than fully tiling a pool and in the long run, is more cost-effective than painting a pool.

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The Pool coping is the first row of tiles on top of the pool this is usually replaced with a stone or porcelain tiles approx 400mm in width.

waterlineWaterline Tile

Waterline tiles are several rows of tiles between the coping and pool interior, whilst not essential the addition of waterline tiles will make ongoing cleaning of the waterline much easier.


Pebble interior finishes have evolved greatly over the years and can provide some very natural water colours. The stone is 1-2mm in size and very fine grain allowing for a smooth and tough pool interior finish.


Glass bead interiors can be utilized as an alternative to pebble interiors to provide a very striking water colour. These products have a similar texture to pebble interiors and a similar service life but can provide much more intense and deeper water colours.


Our filtration packs provide an upgrade of all pool equipment including new sand or cartridge filter, new pool pump and a new salt chlorinator connected to the existing plumbing lines.


Our range of single or multi colour lights will provide another dimension to the pool once the sun sets. These are possible in most renovations however an onsite inspection is required to confirm viability of an addition of lighting.

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