Planning A New Pool Considerations

Design Considerations When Building a Pool

A huge mistake many people make when building a pool is not giving enough consideration to the design of the pool and how it will connect with the existing elements of the  property and affect total build costs. 

When it comes to designing and building a new pool there are many elements to consider. Todays post will focus on the initial design elements and construction constraints that can come into play.


 Is there available access for machinery/equipment. These days limited access machinery can usually operate as long as around 1100mm in width is available down the side of a house. However soil conditions should be considered if using small machinery as this can become a very costly exercise if rock is encountered or piers are required. In some instances this will be unavoidable due to the property size, if building a new home on a small lot serious consideration should be given to building the pool prior to house being constructed as this can save thousands in machinery and hand labour costs. 

Sewer/Council services and Electricity- 

Does the position of the pool come into contact with any council services such as sewer mains, stormwater easements, overhead electricity or underground services. If so can the design be altered to avoid these items. If these are unavoidable there will be cost implications for building over or bridging these networks and obtaining approvals.

Position of Sun-

 Does the design take into account best positioning of the daily and yearly position of the sun. Whilst having full sun on a pool can have benefits for heating having the afternoon sun blazing into your eyes when trying to enjoy a drink on the sitting areas is not ideal.

Positioning to adjacent structures/retaining walls- 

As a general rule of thumb the depth of the pool is the distance you should stay away from existing structures that have not be reinforced below ground level, to avoid undermining the structure during earthworks.

Future use of the available space-

Will the design affect future access, extensions, alterations to the property and if so can it be altered to allow for future works.

Soil Conditions-

Knowing the soil conditions will make the  builders job of quoting much easier and provide a much more accurate estimate. Things like rock, shale, uncontrolled fill or highly reactive soils can add to total build costs so being aware of these items early is critical to providing a realistic estimate. 


Levels/ Drainage-

Every site will have different amounts of falls/rise and taking these into consideration is essential. Looking at where overland flow will run and how the pool will affect drainage is critical to a long term trouble free outcome. Can the pool be utilized to create retaining aspects or can it be built higher above ground to stop flooding. These should be serious considerations for potential pool owners.


Custom Pools Redlands

Once Services, Soil Conditions and Access are identified its time to customize your pool

This is the fun part of the process as every new concrete pool is totally unique and you can add your own individual style to the concept. The key considerations for the next step are as follows

  • Pool size/shape – There is no real limit to what is possible with a concrete pool, we have built pools as small as 2mx2m and also well over an acre in size. After considering the size of the block/how pool is to be used this should help refine the size of the pool. 
  • Depths there is no standard consider how you will use the pool. Having a 2.5m deep pool may sound good but really who wants to tread water all day. 
  • Heating- Investing thousands of dollars in your pool to only use it 4 months a year can be overcome by investing in quality heating
  • Colours/Finishes- There are so many tile combinations possible it is almost endless. Trying to tie in with the rest of the property is key to having a seamless finish. 
  • Cleaning Equipment- No one wants to create more work for themselves so investing in good quality water management equipment is essential for an enjoyable long term experience. 
  • Lighting- Feature lighting in low voltage LED is super efficient and relatively low cost to create a stunning display at night. 
  • Water Features- This is possible on most builds 
  • Fun and games- the addition of slides, basketball or volleyball nets, large bench areas etc are all possible to create a true resort experience at home
  • Spa Features- A spa and bubbles to wind away the day is a luxury that is more then possible when building a new pool 
custom pools design redlands

We hope this assists with the various decisions to make along your pool construction journey. We service and design and construct pools in the Redlands area and south east corner of Brisbane and would be happy to assist. 

The other key element is finding the right builder which we will cover in another blog. 

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The Pool coping is the first row of tiles on top of the pool this is usually replaced with a stone or porcelain tiles approx 400mm in width.

waterlineWaterline Tile

Waterline tiles are several rows of tiles between the coping and pool interior, whilst not essential the addition of waterline tiles will make ongoing cleaning of the waterline much easier.


Pebble interior finishes have evolved greatly over the years and can provide some very natural water colours. The stone is 1-2mm in size and very fine grain allowing for a smooth and tough pool interior finish.


Glass bead interiors can be utilized as an alternative to pebble interiors to provide a very striking water colour. These products have a similar texture to pebble interiors and a similar service life but can provide much more intense and deeper water colours.


Our filtration packs provide an upgrade of all pool equipment including new sand or cartridge filter, new pool pump and a new salt chlorinator connected to the existing plumbing lines.


Our range of single or multi colour lights will provide another dimension to the pool once the sun sets. These are possible in most renovations however an onsite inspection is required to confirm viability of an addition of lighting.

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