Finding the right Pool Builder

This is a huge decision to make how do you find the one.

There is no shortage of people that call themselves pool builders in the local area, so how do you determine who is the real deal and who is using your project as practice.

Having been in the industry for 20 years we have seen many builders come and go, however there are some very good ones around that provide a very reliable and honest service.

So how do you  separate the good from the average.

We have put together a checklist below to try and identify the builder that will most likely provide the best outcome. 

Commercial pool renovation

Key Questions to Ask

How long have you been trading under your current business name? (ideally 10 years plus)

Are you licensed for this type work? (they must hold relevant licenses)

What contract are you using and is it industry approved? (QBCC, SPASA, Master Builders are the only 3 we would recommend using)

What are the payment terms? (the contract should be set as stage payments broken up into each element)

How many projects do you undertake per year? (You want someone with honed skills so doing 1-10 a year is not necessarily ideal, however stretching too thin trying to build every project available can also come with its own set of quality control problems. Look for a business that is capable of managing the volume of work it undertakes with a proven track record)

Can you undertake the entire build process? (To undertake a pool build requires other elements such as fencing, retaining walls, surrounding landscape etc. Having a firm that can handle the entire process in house is very advantageous)

Can you provide some reviews or previous clients to speak with? (Any builder should be able to provide a large list of previous customers/clients to speak with. A simple google search may reveal a few reviews preferably good ones)

Do you have correct insurances? (The builder should hold public liability to $20M and work cover for all staff, you can request copies for your own piece of mind from the builder and they should be readily available. )

Can you show me your favorite 3 projects? ( Everyone that has a job has things they are proud of for a pool builder this should be something epic, never done before or out of the box. Having a bunch of awards is nice but this should not be relied on for a consumer as to enter these awards costs time and money, most of the better niche builders around do not bother as they don’t need nor want the publicity)

Technical Specs? As a homeowner you wont likely understand the builder jargon, however some simple things to look for structurally are shell thickness (ideally minimum 200mm thick, concrete strength ideally 32Mpa, Pipe size 50mm for filtration and pump, filter and sanitation equipment sized appropriately and setup at the lower end of manufacturer recommended.) 

Was the builder referred to you or did you find them via advertising? Whilst finding a company through advertisement is fine a genuine referral is worth a lot more than a paid ad. 

Below is a quick summary checklist to ask when your looking at securing a professional builders services. 

  • How long have you been in business
  • How many projects do you undertake per year
  • Can you provide some refferal clients
  • Can you show me your favourite 3 projects.
  • Is your building licence valid
  • Do you use an industry recognized contract
  • Are you holding correct insurances and can I have copies
  •  Can you handle the entire build process
commercial pool pebble

Still Cant decide who should build your pool

At the end of the day you will need someone you feel comfortable  with, you can communicate with and who communicates well with you. Price will also be a factor as it is with any decision if you find the right builder that you feel happy with, but their price is a little over others it might pay to discuss this with them and find out if there are any differences, are you comparing apples and oranges or apples and apples. Most builders are more then happy to explain why they charge what they charge and what the differences may be, it is quiet easy to shave $4000-$10,000 off a pool build by reducing concrete thickness/strength, steel amounts and design, tiles selections, material finishes, filtration, lighting and still stay within Australian Standards. However a really good builder will be building/designing well above minimum Australian standards and while that may cost a bit more, it will be more than repaid over the service life of the pool.

If you are looking at building a pool in the Redlands area we would love to have an opportunity to discuss your ideas with you. 

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The Pool coping is the first row of tiles on top of the pool this is usually replaced with a stone or porcelain tiles approx 400mm in width.

waterlineWaterline Tile

Waterline tiles are several rows of tiles between the coping and pool interior, whilst not essential the addition of waterline tiles will make ongoing cleaning of the waterline much easier.


Pebble interior finishes have evolved greatly over the years and can provide some very natural water colours. The stone is 1-2mm in size and very fine grain allowing for a smooth and tough pool interior finish.


Glass bead interiors can be utilized as an alternative to pebble interiors to provide a very striking water colour. These products have a similar texture to pebble interiors and a similar service life but can provide much more intense and deeper water colours.


Our filtration packs provide an upgrade of all pool equipment including new sand or cartridge filter, new pool pump and a new salt chlorinator connected to the existing plumbing lines.


Our range of single or multi colour lights will provide another dimension to the pool once the sun sets. These are possible in most renovations however an onsite inspection is required to confirm viability of an addition of lighting.

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